Are Product Days Productive?

Sometimes you just need to knuckle down and get some work done. But what's the best way to do this? And what about all the other stuff you need to do before you can even start? Well, yesterday Seeker had a Product Day, and so I decided to catch up with the Founder and CEO, Daniel Wilson, to see how (and whether) it works.


1.       What is a product day ? A product day is a full day when we step out of our regular roles to understand what we’ve got in the product, where we are as a business, and what we want to do over the next 3-6 months.  It gives us a chance to think about our tech and our customers at a higher level. 2.       Why did you arrange it? The main point was to stop any silos of purpose and knowledge building up, as we’re all working semi-independently because there aren’t many of us.  We need to all be working on the same plan, or we won’t make the right sort of progress.


3.       What did you want to achieve from it ? (more…)


New Language for New Startups

"Words, words, words" spoke Hamlet, and even over 400 years later, he's still got a good point. To state the obvious, words are pretty important. Of course I would say this, given that it's my job to write, but words are also crucial for startup businesses too, for which language can be a barrier or a booster. In order to get beyond the bedroom and into the boardroom, you need to have your idea clearly defined to accurately communicate it to friends, mentors, and brands. But with new technologies, how do you describe your ideas with words which are outdated, irrelevant, or confused? (more…)