Guest post

Guest Post from Moment.Us

Last week one of our startups, Moment.Us, held a private testing session at  TechHub Manchester. Fueled by pizza, music, and the chance to play with new technology, the testers scrutinised every aspect of the app and wrote all their Read more…


Moment.Us Makes the News!

Moment.Us co-founder Andrew Ko has been interviewed by the Manchester Evening News about his smartphone app, which assesses factors including the location, date, time of day, weather and more, to create custom music playlists. Here’s an excerpt from the Read more…


Location Apps are Making Positive Changes

It's been an important week for location technology, with Foursquare announcing some big changes in their plans to monetise their service by generating revenue outside of it. One of our startups, HitMeUp, have been also making some excellent progress with their social location mobile app. HitMeUp is designed to help you discover what's hot near you, right now. It does this by allowing you to upload your photographs onto an evolving map. The photos will only appear on the map for a limited number of hours, unless they are voted up, which adds time, using the 'Hit' button. This uniquely allows users to see where is trending, and to get involved with events local to them. EggMeUp (2) (more…)