Productive *Collaboration*

The UK is the leader in creative industries: branding, creativity and marketing – that’s why Collider12 is backing startups in this sector with investment, skills and brands. Collider12 will focus on creative technology that helps Read more…


Collider12 Launches

Creative England and Ingenious invest in new “Collider” scheme to help early-stage businesses work with larger corporates to develop new products and services

Creative England, Ingenious Media and Pembridge announce the launch today of Collider12, an accelerator programme to support early stage businesses that are developing technologies and products to help brands engage with their consumers.

Creative England is backing the programme with £500k in loan capital secured from the Regional Growth Fund. The businesses will match this with £500k of equity investment raised from private sources. Pembridge will provide coaching and mentoring support to those accepted onto the programme. Pembridge and Ingenious are both investors in the programme.



New Laws for the Digital World

“When nearly all customers touch-points are going digital, every brand is going to have to become a software company”. From, “Velocity: The Seven New Laws for a World Gone Digital” by Ajaz Ahmed. @RoseLewis


Be Unconventional and Live

Watching a recent presentation by Bonin Bough, the VP-global media and consumer engagement at Mondelez, he ended this energetic pitch with one message, “Consumer brands need to innovate their conventional marketing approaches or they will die”. He Read more…


Why ‘B2Brand’?

Shouldn’t we go find the next Google? The next Instagram? What about another Angry Birds? They’re creative, they use tech, no? Well, no. Our investments from Collider12 will be unashamedly ‘B2Brand’. The startups will have some smart, creative technology that Read more…


YouTube Post

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