Invest in the Class of 2016 co-hort

Invest in the Class of 2016 co-hort
Unruly Collider MadTech Mentor Scheme

الخيارات الثنائية التداول منطقة إشارات أعضاء You’re a world leader. Yes, you are. A creative genius, a planner extraordinaire, an agency head honcho. You’re a crucial part of the Advertising, Marketing and Comms industry in the UK. And the UK is the world’s number one. Brands come from all corners of the earth to tap into your creativity, experience and skills. And you want to keep it that way, right? Right.

الرسوم البيانية رينكو الخيارات الثنائية Look out West to our cousins over the pond. AppNexus, Radian6, Marketo. Huge marketing and advertising tech success stories. They’re building the tech that is going to be powering the future of the brand and agency world. Our peers in the US are getting early access to the tech that is shaping our industry. We should be building it here.

الخيارات الثنائية إشارات 90 دقة Look East to the City. Where the financial industry lives. Another sector where Britain leads the world. And the people in that industry are doing something important. They’re backing their future. They’re buying into it. Pouring money and knowledge into the FinTech scene, opening themselves up to the startups that will keep the world knocking on their door. It’s time we did the same.


Straight from a MadTech Lifer & Collider Investor

خيار ثنائي كيف يعمل We’re calling out to you, to the whole industry, to provide some of that fuel. Just as the City has platform upon platform to invest in startups, we’re creating one for MadTech. For you to put your hard-earned into up to 10 game-changing startups. And in return, you’ll get a stake in them. Up to 10 startups that will set us apart from New York, Paris and Singapore. And most importantly, a stake in your future that could turn into a great return.

So, What’s the Deal Then?

تجريبي لتداول الخيارات الثنائية By investing in the Seedrs campaign, you’ll be investing directly into up to 10 of MadTech’s finest leading into 2016 – the Class of 2016 cohort.

الخيارات الثنائية مضاعفة forex kontor helsingborg We’ve assembled a crew of seasoned investors and industry stalwarts to come on board. But to fulfil the mission, we’ll need more. We’ll need you. The pioneers, the rule breakers, the early adopters. The people in the industry that just ‘get it’. Between us, we have the expertise, skills, connections and smarts to build the global MadTech businesses of tomorrow.
The more you invest in the startups, the more intangible returns you get. Just as Mr. Banner says, “You become a part of the community”. So we’ve spliced up a few investment suggestions below, with the perks that come along.

الخيارات الثنائية مضاعفة [4/15 slots remaining] خيار ثنائي روبوت التعليمي BRONZE £5K – Welcome to the Collider Community.You’ll get an invitation to the Collider Launch Party, Demo Day and monthly MadTech Drinks, and monthly mail updates.

اسعار البيع الذهب في السعودية [11/13 slots remaining] الخيارات الثنائية النظام التجاري انذارا SILVER £15K – Take a front seat on the innovation train. You’ll get an observatory seat at Selection Day, and exclusive networking events with the other Collider investors in addition to everything in bronze. متى يتم تخصيص اسهم البنك الاهلي [6/8 slots remaining] رموز الشركات الاسهم السعوديه GOLD £25K – Roll up your sleeves and get involved. You’ll get the opportunity to lead a Collider Academy Workshop, a half-vote at Selection Day, invitation to monthly Investor Portfolio Review sessions in addition to everything in silver.

jobba hemifrån med kundservice [3/10 slots remaining] كيفية كسب المال بشكل أسرع PLATINUM £50K+ The big one – you’re in as a full investor. You’ll get special invites to Founders Dinner, coordinated one-on-one mentoring with the startups, exclusive Investor events, free pass to the Collider Startup Academy sessions in addition to everything in gold.

اسعار الذهب في السعودية الشراء We’re creating a movement here, with you leading the charge. Bring your friends, your colleagues, your peers and let’s keep the UK #1 in MadTech.