You don’t have to be looking for investment to apply to be part of Collider. But a shortcut to the market? We can give you that.

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a bit about you


You’re building a B2B marketing or sales technology with some impressive traction already
You’ve probably already got some investment
Your current focus is on business development and meeting the right potential clients
You’ve got an impressive team that you might even be looking to grow

a bit about this


A shortcut to the very top to meet our incredible corporate clients looking for a solution like yours


Personalised business development coaching from leaders’ in our industry


Become part of our inspirational community of startups, scaleups, corporates and investors

some of our scaleup family


In just one year, Duel have collided with: dunnhumby, Digitas, Reevoo, Haymarket, NS, KPN, Nike, Scotch and Soda and TNT.


In just one year, Cablato have collided with: Financial Times, dunnhumby, Digitas, Reevoo, Deloitte Digital, Amex, TSB, Shell, Santander, MoD, UKTI, Yahoo, P&G, BA, Citroen, Travelzoo, eBay, 02, Nike, Scotch and Soda and TNT.

the deal

It will cost you just £1,000 per year and a success fee with a limit of £10,000 per client to be part of our Scaleup Network.
That’s a deal that could see your business development and sales pipeline explode within weeks.

We get you might have more questions, which is why we’d love you to get in touch right here and speak to our man (and Investment Manager) Eduardo who would be more than happy to help.