Team Photo_Clickly

Hear the startups participating in Collider’s first Startup Booster Programme. We’re taking you behind the scenes.

Who are you and what do you do?

Clickly is the first in-text content discovery platform that allows online audiences to discover relevant content in an interactive native format that seamlessly blends into the content they are engaging with.
Who are your co-founders & give us one line about each of you.
Guilherme Lopes – Gui is passionate about bringing new ideas and projects to market
Sergio Pereira – Sergio is passionate about tech and leveraging it to improve people’s lives

Where in the world are you from and what drew you to London?

We are from Lisbon, Portugal. We are drawn to London, as it is the largest European MadTech market and we feel that this is where we should be in order to grow, challenge ourselves and produce a truly innovative and differentiated technology that satisfies market needs.

What excites you most about London (one business point and one non-business point)?

London is an exciting city for startups, with its large market, diverse business opportunities and the potential to meet with a greater pool of industry knowledgeable investors that can add value to the business.
Relating to our specific industry, London is the biggest market in Europe for MadTech, and it only makes sense that we grow and develop our business within the most challenging and developed market.

Explain why your company is a MadTech company, and how you plan to disrupt the larger ecosystem.

Clickly is an online advertising technology that developed the first in-text content suggestion solution that is content relevant. We are disrupting the larger ecosystem by taking advantage of the three biggest market trends, native advertising, mobile adoption and programmatic media buying as well as improving user experience and interaction.

What is one challenge you have had to overcome since beginning your journey?

The biggest challenged we have faced was building our market place and serving both publishers and advertisers, however we soon understood the advantage of leveraging existing networks to grow faster.

Tell us about where you think Collider can add the most value to you over the next four months.

We have recently entered the UK market, having already obtained soft commitments from some of the largest publishers in the market. We hope to leverage Collider’s network and workshops to obtain commitments from media agencies. We also hope that Collider’s network can provide us with investment leads.

What advice would you give to founders who are applying to accelerator programmes?

We consider that accelerator programs are an amazing opportunity to connect with a large group of interesting and business relevant people in a short amount of time, leveraging a network that can change your business forever.